Plant Management Expertise

Who We Are

As one of the first dedicated cannabis genetics laboratories in the US, we have had the unique opportunity to introduce a new level of expertise to the industry since 2017. Our powerful diagnostics services have saved cultivators countless hours and resources. Now, we've compiled the results our research into essential documentation and protocols that we use to provide advice to both novice and expert growers around the world.

The conversations we have with growers all over the world enable us to keep our finger on the pulse of common challenges in the area of cultivation. The knowledge gained from working with such a wide variety of cultivators has also allowed us to synthesize a comprehensive network of resources and techniques that we make available in a variety of forms, ranging from a library of free digital content to customized consulting packages.


Resources Available To Our Clients

  1. Dedicated project managers and regularly scheduled video calls
  2. Directory of seed suppliers with recommendations from experienced growers
  3. Concierge access to a wide variety of cannabis staffing agencies
  4. Recommendations for trusted contractors and equipment suppliers
  5. Free online calculators to help you better manage your plants and operation
  6. Discounted pricing on our rapid diagnostic testing services
  7. A community of proven seed and clone testers to validate your new varieties
  8. Sommelier site visits and genomic data analysis packages (additional fees apply)

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